Code Worldwide


We exist to help clients invent a new future for their marketing through technology

Today, all significant interactions between brands and customers take place in an environment managed by technology. Code is a specialist marketing technology business. We are fluent in brand strategy, data, experience design, media and technology. We help our clients transform their marketing to be a service for their customers - relevant, personal, useful and profitable.


Since 2012, Code has been recognised as a Visionary provider within Gartner's Magic Quadrant. “CODE Worldwide is a visionary for its focus on the end-to-end process for planning, managing, executing and measuring creative advertising campaigns and promotions.” The mission of our business is to use technology to help clients invent a new future for their marketing. We are very pleased to be recognised by Gartner for this.

Data Creativity

Using Internet of Things technology to create new services and new relevancy

Castrol is a global brand of industrial and automotive lubricants. It is the best engineered product in its category, but, sadly for them, for most people, engine oil is about the lowest interest purchase you can make. Our challenge was to persuade car drivers to think about engine oil and to care which brand they used. Built on adZU, our award winning marketing automation platform, we created wearable technology for cars, creating more relevant and personalised relationship between car drivers and workshop owners. We took advantage of the data to create an innovative and meaningful service, driving sales for Castrol. This platform allows Castrol to redefine its leadership position offering a new business model in the automotive industry.


How we helped PHD transform their media business into a global multi-player game and win a $3bn client

PHD is one of the world's leading media strategy and buying networks.  They compete against other agencies and media owners to show that their strategies deliver more reach and more sales. To do this, they needed to create a culture of strategy and innovation, powered by data, in every office around the world. So Code developed Source - an award winning operating system for innovation in media planning, an artificially intelligent optimisation tool - and the world's biggest enterprise Gamified platform.


To win customers street-by-street


Code's adZU platform helps brands convert digital activity into real world sales. Through adZU we transform local marketers into digital marketers at scale, whilst delivering massive improvements in marketing effectiveness. Brands such as Nissan, Telstra and Domino's are able to support their local offices with access to geo-targeted digital display, Facebook and other social media ads, targeted email, adaptive and responsive localised web pages and marketing automation to complete the customer journey. adZU makes it simple for the end users. They can access the right creative and deliver conversion-driving messages to the right people at low cost. The results are striking - a 20x improvement in marketing effectiveness is not unusual.

Mobile First

In the first few months of life.

Working with Nestle's baby milk brand, Gerber and their partner Rapp, Code developed the MyGerber mobile app. The mobile solution not only provides in-the-moment functionality like charting height, weight, meals and milestones, it also provides content and advice in an accessible and relevance-based mobile experience. MyGerber is a great example of how a brand can usefully engage with and provide services to its customers in real life, thinking beyond sales and building an ongoing relationship.


Practically all interactions between brands and consumers now take place in an environment managed by software. How are you building your brand?

Technology has changed marketing utterly and created a disruption in the marketing services industry. It is now difficult to separate the roles of marketing, user experience, data and software. Clients need partners who are fluent in brand strategy, technology, experience design and technology. Technology creates great opportunities for business to create more efficient ways to grow customer revenues.